About Me

Hi, I am Denisa!

I was born and raised in Prague, the Czech Republic. As of age 15, I attended the English College in Prague, a private English high school in Prague. I was surrounded by international students on daily basis for 6 years and I believe it is then when I realised that I thrive in a like-minded environment. I later found myself moving to Rotterdam, The Netherlands where I studied the International Bachelor in Communication and Media (IBCoM). During this time I spent 4 months on a exchange program at San Diego State University. When I completed my Bachelor Degree, I moved to London, the UK for my Master Degree in Magazine Journalism. While I wanted to be a journalist, life happened and I got a PR internship offer at a PR agency in Los Angeles after my studies. This was 3,5 years ago. I have been in LA for 3 years, still at the same job..not an intern anymore. I still love to write, hence this blog.

Why I started this blog? Not many people know this, but I wanted to be a journalist because I eventually wanted to become an entertainment writer and do interviews with interesting people about their lives and careers. While that is not happening at my job, this blog helps to achieve this goal to some extend. If you want me to interview someone, leave a suggestion in comments!




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